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These pages are included in the Nile Abyssinians site to provide general Australian information for overseas but also Australian visitors. We begin with our complex situation regarding governing/registering bodies, of which there are many. Just remember that Australia is a relatively recent (about 100 years) federation of states, and believes in competition, and you can guess what comes next!

Our governing bodies are state-based; each of the six states has at least two competing bodies, and each of the two territories has one. As a general rule, they recognize each other's titles and registrations, with the limitation that if certain breeds, colours or varieties are not accepted by a given association, then they cannot be re-registered with it. For instance, a sex-linked Abyssinian from (say) CAV in Victoria is not registrable under (say) CCI in the Australian Capital Territory. 

There are two "umbrella" co-ordinating bodies, and each of the individual governing bodies is affiliated with one, but only one, of these. Such fraternal governing bodies often recognize even each other's Challenges, these being adult open class win certificates which are prerequisites for Champion and higher awards. Here now is a picture.

Three of the states also have Aby/Somali breed clubs.

Importing cats to Australia can be quite complex, though we can now import from most countries with just 30 days' quarantine, provided that the right procedures and preparations were undertaken. The requirements vary by country of origin, and can all be obtained  from AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service), which is located within DAFF (the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry). The animal import Web site is at, and it is a good, interactive site with a search capability and very detailed information.

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Australian Feline Co-ordinating Bodies


Australian Cat Federation (ACF)  

Web site

Australian Cat Federation (Inc.)
Post Office Box 3305, Port Adelaide  SA 5015
Phone: 08 8449 5880, Fax: 08 8242 2767; e-mail


Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia (CCCA) 

Mrs Shirley Sargent

PO Box 347, Macedon VIC 3440

Phone: +61 3 54261758, e-mail 

Web site

Australian State Governing/Registering Councils

For each state and territory, the abbreviation is given in brackets and the population in millions is shown in square brackets and italics. For each council, the co-ordinating body affiliation is given in square brackets. International telephone and fax numbers are given; overseas callers should replace the "+" by their international access digits (e.g., 011 in the US); Australian callers should replace the "+61" by 0.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) [0.3 M]

CCI (Capital Cats Inc.) [CCCA]

Ms Denise White, Secretary

P.O. Box 826,  Jamison ACT 2614


Web site


New South Wales (NSW) [6.1 M]


NSW CFA (NSW Cat Fanciers Association, Inc.) [CCCA]

Cat Breed Administrator

P.O. Box 379, St Marys NSW 1790

Tel: +61 2 9834 6577; e-mail

Web site


Northern Territory (NT) [0.2 M]

CANT (Cat Association of the Northern Territory )
PO Box 3870, Darwin, NT 0801 

Tel:  +61 8 8947 6976, Fax 08 8999 5711; e-mail
Web site


Queensland (QLD) [3.2 M]


FCCQ (Feline Control Council of Queensland) [CCCA]

Mr Adam Woodward, Hon. Secretary 
PO Box 211, Wilston, Qld. 4051
Tel: +61 7 3857 2743, e-mail
Web site


QFA (Queensland Feline Association Inc.) [ACF]

Mrs Judy Lewis, Acting Secretary

PO Box 5325, Q Supercentre. Gold Coast. Qld 4218

Tel: +61 433 951 013; e-mail

Web site

QICC (Queensland Independent Cat Council Inc.) [ACF]

Ms Valerie Cashman, Secretary

18 Natan Road, Mudgeeraba QLD  4213

Tel: +61 7 5530 2287 e-mail

Web site


South Australia (SA) [1.5 M]


GCSA (The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia) [ACF]

Ms Nell Evans, Secretary

35 Bucknall Rd, Glanville SA 5015

Tel: +61 8 8449 5880, Fax +61 8 8242 2767; e-mail

Web site


FASA (Feline Association of South Australia) [CCCA]

Ms Helen Whittle, Secretary

RMB 585, Cherry Gardens SA 5157  


Web site


Tasmania (TAS) [0.5 M]


CAT (The Cat Association of Tasmania) [ACF]

Mrs Carolyn Banks, Secretary: 

PO Box 93, Claremont, TAS 7011 

Tel/Fax: +61 3 6249 7469; e-mail
Web site


CCCT (Cat Control Council of Tasmania) [CCCA]

Ms T. Plumbridge, Secretary: 

17 Cheltenham Way Prospect Vale, TAS 7205 



Victoria (VIC) [4.5 M]


FCCV (Feline Control Council of Victoria) [CCCA]


1st Floor, 196 Bayswater Rd, Bayswater North VIC 3153

Tel: +61 3 9720 8811

Web site


GCCFV (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of Australia and Victoria) [CCCA]

Ms Gay Hubbard, Secretary

4/170 Underwood Rd,  Ferntree Gully VIC 3156

Tel: +61 3 9752 4217; e-mail

Web site


CAV (Cat Association of Victoria) [ACF]

Mrs Keryn Rivett

23 Cain St  West Rosebud VIC 3940

Tel: 0417 597 241; e-mail 

Web site


Western Australia (WA) [2.5 M]


COAWA (Cat Owners' Association of Western Australia Inc.) [CCCA]

COAWA Office,

PO Box 135,  Claremont WA 6010

Tel: +61 8 9384 2500; e-mail

Web site


FCCW (Feline Control Council of Western Australia) [ACF]

FCCW Office

PO Box 915,  Cannington WA 6107

Tel/Fax: +61 8 9452 2885; e-mail 

Web site


Abyssinian/Somali Cat Clubs

Abyssinian Cat Club of Australasia

Ms Fiona Mangan, Secretary

P.O. Box 31 Branxton NSW 2335

Tel: +61 2 4938 1074; e-mail

Web site


Russian, Somali & Abyssinian Cat Club

Ms Diane Oates, Secretary

Bridgewater Rd  Seville East VIC 3139

Tel: +61 3 5964 3027;e-mail


Abyssinian Cat Club of Victoria

Mrs Eileen Pittaway, Secretary

12 Balmoral St Kilsyth VIC 3137

Tel/Fax: +61 3 9728 3631; e-mail


Club 23

(For Abyssinian and Australian Mist fanciers)

Ms Kerstin Jones, a/g Treasurer.

258 Verney Rd East Graceviille QLD 4075

Tel. +61 7 3278 5586; e-mail


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